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Here at Bare Metal Blasting we strive to provide a quality Vapour Blasting service to all our customers. We are passionate about what we do and enjoy providing exceptional services to our client’s. Satisfaction for us comes knowing that we played a part in making dreams become reality.

With our vast range of equipment and know how you can be assured that you are with the right company.


Vapour Blasting Before and After Galleries

At Bare Metal Blasting we can provide that show winning finish. Below are a few examples of the finish you can expect.

Frequently Asked Questions About Vapour Blasting

What is Vapour Blasting?
  • Vapour blasting was developed as an alternative to dry blasting.
  • The process is completely non-abrasive unlike dry blasting and is suitable for a massive range of parts and materials.
  • Process speed is not as fast as conventional dry blasting; the use of water combined with media creates a lubricating cushion between the substrate being processed.
  • Impregnation of the substrate is eliminated along with static cling that results in a superior finished surface.
  • The mixture cleans by flow of water not by impact unlike traditional blasting methods.
What Materials Can Be Blasted?
  • Stainless steel that has been TIG welded with heat discolouration can be vapour blasted to provide a uniform satin finish.
  • Aluminium is a perfect candidate for vapour blasting.
  • All non-ferrous materials can be vapour blasted.
  • Plastics, rubbers and composite materials can be vapour blasted.
  • Combination metals such as barrels or blocks with a sleeve of steel/iron will be treated with ACF50 after blasting to prevent flash rusting until it’s rebuilt or painted.
  • Ferrous metals are best blasted using our Vixen dry blasting unit.
  • Our services strive for perfection to achieve your perfect finish using Vixen products.
What Size Can The Parts Be?
  • Bare Metal uses a Vixen 915
  • For that perfect finish parts we recommend parts no bigger than 85cm wide x 80cm high.
  • Contact us today to talk about your project and we’ll see what we can do.
My Parts Have A Matted Surface, Is This Ok?
  • Our vapour blasting services is non-abrasive so your mating surfaces and fine detail are safe with Bare Metal.
  • Our control over the air pressure and Vixen equipment allows for a superior finish.
  • If certain areas are not to be vapour blasted, no problem, just talk to us at Bare Metal.
How Long Will The Finish Last?
  • Whatever the use of the vapour blasted parts, the lustre of the finish is easier to clean due to the peening nature of our process.
  • Vapour blasted parts are easier to keep clean.
  • We recommend the use of ACF50 as a coating to protect alloys.
  • Canuba wax may also be used to prolong and protect the vapour blasted finish.
Can You Blast Sealed Engines?
  • We have been asked may times to vapour blast sealed engines.
  • We do not offer this service, as the risk of media entering is far too risky.
  • Also consider that every nut, bolt and screw will have its protective coating removed in the process and if ferrous will rust.
  • In short the finish isn’t as good as individual part blasting.
Can You Blast My Painted Part?
  • Our services can remove most paint or surface treatment using various methods.
  • Have you got any questions about our services? Please contact us.
Do I Need To Prepare My Part For Blasting?
  • To reduce costs you could degrease and remove bearings yourself to save some money and get your parts back faster if applicable.
  • If this not an option we have a heated commercial wash plant and we will be more than happy to take care of this for you.
  • If you intend to replace the bearings they may be left in place.
  • Degreasing will be charged at an hourly rate.
Why Should You Choose Bare Metal Blasting?
  • Bare Metal understands that some things just can’t be replaced and we take pride in our services, care and effort that we put into every job.
  • Customer service is at the forefront of every thing we do at Bare Metal.
  • Our reputation for our services is the key to success and our customers hold that key.

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