Vapour Blasting & Specialty Media Blasting

New Life For Old Parts

We offer the best technology for cleaning of componentry

Our process is not like sandblasting. The surface area of componentry is cleaned back to an ‘as new’ condition with removal of all dirt, oil, paint and oxidisation. It is gentle enough not to effect critical tolerances. The peening of the surface reduces the porosity of the material producing a very fine satin sheen finish, which allows for easy cleaning.

Save on labour and chemical costs of scrubbing and cleaning parts that we can do for you with better results. The process is an environmentally sustainable closed loop cleaning system that does not use harsh chemicals.

Achieve The Very Best Surface Finish For Your Restoration Project

We’re based in Perth, Western Australia

Our cleaning process is ideal for the motor vehicle and bike industry in cleaning of parts back to the day it was new. All our photos are of old parts after the cleaning process. Some of our clients include the home restoration enthusiast and master mechanics of some outstanding machinery.

We take our cleaning of your parts seriously and know that many parts are either very expensive to replace or no longer available. Perfect for that home restoration or just a thorough clean of parts that will look brilliant in any concours or showroom. We will clean either single parts or large quantities.

Vapour Blasting

Vapour/Aqua blasting, is a blasting process using a media suspended in a pressurised closed loop water circuit to provide an environmentally friendly surface cleaning system. The suspended media within the water provides a shielding and lubricating action on impact, allowing for a very fine satin sheen finish to be achieved without damage to the component. Peening of the component’s surface reduces the porosity of the material allowing for easy cleaning.
Vapour/Aqua blasting is ideal for a wide range of applications:

  • Engine cylinder heads
  • Blocks
  • Carburetors
  • Hubs
  • Barrels
  • Manifolds
  • Cam & Rocker Covers
  • Brackets
  • Pipes
  • Surface finishing of fabricated and machined components.
  • Removal of heat and weld discolouration.
  • Deburring of machined, cast or fabricated components.

The list is endless…

This fine finish can be achieved on:

  • Aluminum
  • Titanium
  • Magnesium
  • Copper
  • Bronze
  • Brass

Before and After

Below you will find a few examples of our Vapour Blasting and Specialty Media Blasting skills.

Specialty Media Blasting

Our Specialty Media Blasting service can achieve a variety of finishes. The use of different media in dry blasting can be used on ferrous, non- ferrous, plastics and even composite materials.

We have a wide range of media for all applications media includes:

  • Garnet
  • Aluminium oxide
  • Glass Grit
  • Chilled Iron
  • Plastic
  • Natural Media

The level of finishing can range from:

  • Simple rust removal.
  • Keyed surface suitable for painting, powder coating or other surface treatments.
  • Ultra smooth flat satin finish.


“Thank you Bare Metal. We are astounded by the quality of the finished results. Our Porsche clients expect the best and you are able to restore back to a factory finish which is only normally achieved by renewal of such components. ”

Andy Stack, RennSport Motors

“This is an awesome product and I will be using this as much as possible and highly recommend the services provided by Bare Metal.”

Clint Di Giovanni, SRM

“Wow – Bare Metal!!  This is a true time saving top quality way to have any metal product made brand new again, no cleaning, sanding or destroying of the original item”

Rubin S. Sadique, BM-Autohaus

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